The Bishop of the Evangelical Orthodox Church of Central and Eastern Uganda Jacinto Kibuuka has explained the circumstances under which his church wrote a letter to President Yoweri Museveni on August 9.

In the letter that was circulated on social media, dated August 9th, signed by Fr.Kibuuka as the Bishop of the Evangelical Orthodox Church (EOC) in Uganda and Fr. Vincent Kisenyi Byansi, the director in charge of development at EOC wrote to Museveni reminding him about his pledge to meet the legal costs.

“Communication was made to His Excellency president Museveni appreciating him for the warm welcome during our visit to his home in Rwakitura that we had on 13th July 2017 which was very fruitful,” reads the letter in part.

“The purpose of this communication is to remind and kindly request that you consider to and fulfil the president’s pledge to EOC church to clear off the pending legal costs of Fr.Kibuuka which reduced to shs343 million.”

Fr.Kibuuka also wanted President Museveni to fulfill his pledge of Shs 195 million meant for a brick laying machine for Fr.Vincent Kisenyi Byansi.

“All these pledges were made on 13th July 2017 at his home in Rwakitura in the presence of Hon.Al Haji Abdul Nadduli, the minister Without Portfolio and they total to Shs 1.2 billion,” adds the letter.

The letter which received criticism from some sections of the public especially towards Kibuuka and his church has compelled him to explain the aim of writing it to the head of state.

“It’s very clear that out of his usual compassion and generosity, His Excellence the President has been supporting all other faiths and churches financially, in this country if they have a noble cause,” Kibuuka said in the statement dated December 11.

Bishop Kibuuka added that the letter which is circulating is a reminder to the president towards the pledge he made to their noble projects so it is seeking financial support towards the same.

“We, the Evangelical Orthodox Church in Uganda have numerous noble projects aimed at improving the livelihood of Ugandans ranging from button mushroom growing, soap making, brick laying, wine production, book and shoe making projects which we interested the President with thus the pledge that to date we are still waiting to receive wholeheartedly. So, the letter circulating was just a reminder,” Bishop Kibuuka said in the statement.

Kibuuka appeals to the public to disregard malicious propaganda spread against his church with the aim of injuring their integrity. He did not however state what kind of propaganda was being spread about him and his church/followers.

“We appeal to everyone to disregard malicious propaganda spread against us with the aim of injuring our integrity, creating bad image and hatred amongst the public, other faiths and government against us,” he said.

It should be noted that on his consecration ceremony held at Mamre Prayer Centre, Namugongo on November 12, the Government through the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Gen Kahinda Otafiire who was the Chief Guest recognized and promised to support the Evangelical Orthodox Church.

“Our government recognises this church as an independent church, nobody in leadership should interfere in the matters of faith unless if it’s against the law. Whenever you are persecuted for your faith, I assure you that government will shoulder you Bishop Kibuuka and Antioch church,” said Gen Otafiire.

Fights with catholic church

Last month, Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka was dragged to Buganda Road Court over accusations of uttering words and engaging in acts that “injured feelings” of Roman Catholic Church leaders and followers.

However, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Justice Mike Chibita on Friday last week discontinued proceedings against Kibuuka without giving reasons.