By Ben Magezi

It is quite shocking, embarrassing and disappointing that a national daily has stooped so low to allow mafias use it like a small town tabloid!

We all remember how New Vision used to treat city businessman Sudhir Ruparelia with high regard and respect when his companies used to transact huge businesses in adverts with the industrial area-based media house.

In fact, at one time Sudhir’s group of companies would pay Vision Group over sh2bn annually in adverts!


However, a group of mafias has literary made the entire Vision Group management led by Robert Kabushenga forget the rosy past.


Today the paper ran a story that Sudhir has released his titles to BOU to take over ownership of his Munyonyo Hotels among other prime properties.


Has New Vision chosen to take the same route as Red Pepper to report unauthentic, unresearched, baseless and deluding stories?


If New Vision is not being used by a clique of Mafias, why are all stories about Sudhir being written by two top editors (not reporters) and sanctioned by Robert Kabushenga who has never been the Editor in Chief of the purported Uganda’s daily?


For the record, Mr Sudhir has not surrendered any titles or properties to BOU as the story claims and instead his lawyers are preparing his defense and ready to take up the mafias in Court to defend his position.


If you’ve been very keen, since Sunday this week, the Newspaper’s stories are bent and have convicted him already in the public eye! The paper has literally chosen to be the complainant, the prosecutor and judge at same time hence killing all the core journalism conduct expected of a paper of its caliber!


Sudhir’s businesses span wide and far in education, real estate, finance, hospitality, broadcasting, floriculture, insurance among others and he employees over 7,000 directly and over 20,000 Ugandans indirectly.


He is employing more Ugandans than any other businessperson in the country but these greedy mafias don’t care about the thousands of Ugandans surviving on!!!


Beginning tomorrow, we shall reveal the source of these defamatory, tarnishing, baseless and confusing stories. We shall tell you why it is only New Vision that has chosen to be used by these mafias. We shall tell you the names of the editors who have taken it upon themselves to write these stories and choose to put by Vision Reporter. We shall tell you the billions that Sudhir has paid to Vision Group over the years for adverts and we shall give you juicy exclusive information that the mafias think nobody knows.

Just watch the space!!