By Kiyimba Bruno

Many up to date are still wondering how a lady managed to push through 3 men and became president of the Uganda Volleyball Federation.

After many struggles in and out, the federation managed atleast to get a female president out of the blue

Hadija Namanda is a true sportsman. She bagan her sports carrer in 1990 where she played as a national team player for Uganda for more than 8 years.

She also played badminton from 1988 to 2005 and in 1998 she was voted as the university sports personality in table tennis,badminton.

Hadija has never been a jock. She also played lawn tennis, athletics with field events of shotput,long jump,discus,as well as javeline. She played netball,basketball and ring tennis in 1995 workshop for the effective sports development  at Makerere university.

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Passionate about sports

a Manchester united fun

Loves selfies

True to her self

1998 workshops and research on teenage health trends – fawe Uganda chapter
2000 nutrition and early childhood development workshops in Mityana and Mubende districts
2000 sap level coach, volleyball
2000 – 2008 national team volleyball
2001 level one coach, volleyball
2003 certificate of competence, unisis induction
2010 international referee candidate course, fivb
2010 level ii volleyball coach
2011 nominated international referee for the African women’s club champions

– Level two volleyball coach.
– Volleyball coach for a university, assistant coach for a club and juniors 5-15 years
– international referee volleyball. train referees and refresher courses for national referees.
– working on a mini volleyball working document for coaching young ones



Now president of UVF

In her own words

Thanksgiving and Token of appreciation to the Volleyball fraternity

To God I give the Glory for having taken us through the UVF Elections where i came out as President of the federation.
Very big thanks go to the delegates who voted me in. You believed in me and I am humbled by your support. The other delegates I thank you too, for having voted for the other candidates because they too had something you believed in. I believe the uniting factor for us all as a fraternity is the passion we have for the sport. That passion will drive us all to ensure that we keep the ball flying.