By Kiyimba Bruno

The community conservation ranger Mr. Basighanirya Jophes has reminded Ugandans that snakes are friends to the community if handled well.

He says that many people when they see wild animals, the first thing that they think of are the best ways of killing them.

He also recommended them that when they find some of these animals like snakes, crocodiles, elephants; they should always call the nearest police in the community as well as the Uganda World Life Authority.

Mr.Basighanirya also said that Uganda wildlife authority has all the necessary equipments for trapping and keeping the animals safe.

With parks like Murchison falls, queen Elizabeth, bwindi, mt elgon, rwenzori, Mgahinga Gorilla, lake Mburo, semuliki, kidepo among many more, Uganda is a safe place to conserve the wild life.

UWA was established in August 1996 by the Uganda Wildlife statute, which merged the Uganda National parks and the game department.