I want your a-ha! moment when it comes to money and your personal finances.

Ramit Sethi

The first time I remember my money situation really changing was when I got my first scholarship check for college. I realized if I could get one scholarship … I could get five … and then 10 … and then, pay my way through undergrad and grad school.

That totally changed the way I thought about going to college and money.

Other moments where I realized my financial situation had changed:

  • I realized I could take a taxi instead of the subway on my way to a sweltering summer meeting
  • I walked out of the grocery store realizing I hadn’t looked at the prices of anything — I just got what I wanted

I’m curious about your story: What’s the moment you realized your money situation had changed?

For example:

  • The moment you ordered off the menu without looking at price
  • The moment you decided to catch a taxi without thinking twice
  • The moment you covered a round for your friends and didn’t worry after

Let’s have some fun. It would mean a lot to me to see your wins. Leave a comment and tell me what the moment was and what it meant to you.

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