By Kiyimba Bruno


The financial control officer of the Lake Mburo national game park has clarified on the funds that they collect from the tourists at the said park.

Mr Masereke says that part of the money that they collect, the community has a special percentage that is taken back to the neighboring districts around the lake Mburo national game park at Sanga.

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He says that this is because the place used to be a home for the community but when the government realized how important the animal safety was, they decided to vacate the people who used to stay in the place.

He adds that over 2.5 million turns are collected daily of the fish on lake Mburo, of which ¾% is collected from the tilapia fish commonly known as “Engege”.

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This was said during the visit by our reporter to the park in quest of the status of the place towards tourist attraction.

The place collects over 50 tourists per day who come to see animals like the hippos, snakes, lions which are aggressive as well as the wild pig, monkeys among many more which are friendly to the community.

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Mr Masereke invited government bodies to come and become stakeholders for it is the only way of increasing tourism in the country.

Other kinds of fish that are collected from the lake Mburo include the lung fish, cat fish, hypochlimine,