Police in Entebbe is holding a top businessman for being suspected to have been behind the killing of women in Katabi town council Entebbe Municipality.

The suspect has been identified as Ivan Katongole a businessman dealing fish at Kasenyi landing site and a resident in Nkumba in Entebbe municipality Wakiso district.

Ninsiima Geoffrey the DPC Entebbe says local residents have been pin pointing at Katongole to be behind the murders.

“After residents kept on complaining about him, we arrested him and when we checked into his WhatsApp messages ,we found pictures of dead women all murdered the same way how our women in Katabi are being killed ,” said Ninsiima.

He added that police also arrested one Mugaru Robert who had sent pictures to Katongole.

Katongole has been taken to Nalufenya in Jinja pending investigations while Mugaru is still being held at Entebbe police station.

Meanwhile police also arrested a one Grace commonly known as Manager who had plotted to kill his girlfriend after she chucked him.

The girl has been identified as Anita. Ninsiima explains that Grace bought a car to his girlfriend but later dumped him for another man.

The DPC added that Grace hired one blaso to kill Anita but police got information before the killing happened.

He added that police has two suspects in their custody pending investigations.