Come November 2017, Uganda will have a new home grown airline named VULE whose coming is overshadowed by the poor performance of about four Ugandan based airlines in the recent past.

Speaking at a media briefing, the directors of VULE airline affirmed their awareness of the challenges of the business but promised to start with six planes with a mixture of local, regional and international destinations with low budget operations.

VULE AIRWAYS is a privately-owned airline, whose objective is to fill the vacuum in the Ugandan air transport sector created by the lack of a national airline that serves both domestic and international passenger and cargo services.


The airline is expected to form partnerships with thriving regional and international airlines in order to provide quality air transport services, training of aviators, and development of the aerospace industry.


The establishment of VULE AIRWAYS is meant to change the mindset deeply rooted in the travelling public of the East African region that no Ugandan managed airline can thrive in the air transport industry, and to operate a culturally sensitive, cost competitive Ugandan flag carrier.


VULE AIRWAYS is to be operated as a budget airline to build the domestic, regional and the international routes covering all the continents of the world.


With the new arising trend of travelling abroad by air for seminars, holidays, studies, and business ventures, there is an overall recorded annual average increase of 1% of passengers regionally, thus making a 5% increase throughout the 5-year period.