By guide reporter

In fear that the person you’re in a relationship with is cheating on you? Here are nine signs that the one you love is being unfaithful.

Working late or odd hours

A sudden change in work schedule can be an indicator that your significant other is cheating, especially if they’re not keeping you in the loop about these changes when they take place. If they’re out late every night for work and traveling when their business never calls for it, the red flags are definitely waving.


When the person you’re with suddenly needs space, when the feeling hasn’t been mutual is a huge sign that something is up. Men and women who are cheating will often ask for more space to work out their feelings or deal with certain life stresses. These are just a few of the common excuses used to get away and be with the person they’re cheating with. Beware!

Sudden interest in appearance

If your love interest suddenly cares more about their appearance—spending hours at the gym, buying new clothes, wearing fresh perfume or cologne—but doesn’t seem to care whether you notice these changes, something may be up. There is a possibility that they’re doing it for their own well-being, but if they downplay your compliments or haven’t expressed this to you, more often than not, they are doing it to impress someone else.


If you and your significant other keep your relationship open but there’s a sudden need for more privacy, something is definitely up. They may start password protecting their cell phone or computer and throwing away receipts and credit card bills. This is a major red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

Always on the phone or computer

Phones and computers are breeding grounds for emotional infidelity.  If you suddenly find your loved one on the phone or computer a lot, especially at odd hours and they get defensive when you confront them about it, it’s time to check the records.

Less intimacy

If your significant other is suddenly less interested in physical intimacy, this could be a major warning sign of cheating. While there are various factors that could be playing a role in less physical desire – stress, hormonal imbalances, health issues, even a loss in desire related to the relationship – if they aren’t talking to you about it directly, you have a right to know what’s going on. If the symptoms persist, communicate directly and only accept direct answers.

“We’re just friends”

This is a common phrase used by cheating men and women and is often a crutch phrase cheaters use when confronted about odd activities. If you buy into it, it gives them the freedom to talk to whomever they please and if you don’t buy into it, it leaves room for them to play on your emotions. If they are spending more and more time with this new friend and they tell you that you are overreacting, this is a huge warning sign of cheating.

Behavior that doesn’t add up

If you start noticing that the person you’re with suddenly can’t account for certain hours and activities, this is a red flag. I repeat. This is a red flag.  Not being where they told you they would be and discovering receipts and credit card transactions that don’t match the work or activities they were supposed to be doing are just a few signs that something major is up. If you’re feeling uneasy, you need to confront this immediately.

You start coming up with excuses

If you’re constantly trying to catch your partner cheating or coming up with a million excuses why he or she is not cheating, the person you are with is probably cheating. Read the signs and follow your intuition. The rule of thumb when it comes to cheating is if something just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.