AROUND 10% of women who use sex toys have experienced this problem.

Using vibrators regularly can sometimes have negative impacts on your sex life, studies show.

Dead vagina syndrome is the term used to describe the numbing of your intimate area after you use sex toys.

Some health experts believe that this condition can affect whether or not you can orgasm and the sensitivity you feel in your lady parts.

So what do we know about the syndrome and is it clinically proven?

What is dead vagina syndrome?

Dead vagina syndrome describes the numbing of a woman’s genitals after she uses a vibrator.

This loss of sensitiivity can make orgasm more difficult.

Thankfully, this iis fairly uncommon, with only 11% of women experiencing it when using toys often.

According to a study by the University of Indiana, only 3% of ladies notice the symptoms regularly.

How long does dead vagina syndrome last?

Research shows that the vagina is only numbed short-term.

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine found that the vibrator’s effects typically fade within an hour.

This is furthered by data collected by Idaho State University.

Apparently, only 0.5% of women reported losing sensitivity for more than a day.

If you do experience this numbing sensation it’s likely to disappear on its own if left alone.

Can you prevent dead vagina syndrome?

In the unlikely instance that you experience vaginal numbness, it could be wise to be more careful with the area.

When using vibrators, try not to press them so hard into the vulva and clitoris.

Doing this regularly could lead to you losing sensitivity temporarily.

If you have any long-term concerns about the syndrome, it’s advisable to voice them to your local GP.

Is dead vagina syndrome a real disorder?

Even though there is plenty of discussion about the ailment online, there is little in the way of medical research.

Some critics believe that vaginal numbing is not the reason why orgasming can become difficult.

Those who use vibrators regularly may become dependent on the sensation.

This means that solo play can become better than having sex with a partner.