The third division court martial has sentenced a UPDF officer Captain Michael Walumbe to 10 years in prison for the murder a civilian in Nakapiripirit in May 2016.

Captain Walumbe pleaded guilty for the murder of Moses Asio, a resident of Kopetatum village in Nakale parish in Loregai Sub County in Nakapiripirit district.  Asio died on May 2nd 2016 after being tortured while in custody at Amaler army detachment. Court heard that Asio died in the hands of the army after he was arrested for illegal gun possession.

After an operation to recover guns from cattle rustlers, Walumbe who was the Officer in Charge of the Military detach in Namalu sub-county, is said to have beaten Moses Asio before tying him to a tree where he died. Asio was allegedly a renowned cattle rustler in the area.

The court also visited one of the grass thatched huts where the deceased’s body is said to have been kept before being  buried in the army detach.


Walumbe   has a big family of 16 children and that he is the only bread winner. He also  apologised, saying he had made a  mistake.

Captain Walumbe pleaded to court for a lenient sentence, saying  that he is both HIV and Hepatitis B positive,  has a family of 16 children to look after and is the bread winner. In his judgment, Col Frank Kyakonye said prosecution had presented overwhelming evidence pinning Walumbe on the murder.

He condemned the killing of civilians and convicted Capt. Walumbe to ten years in jail in addition to dismissal from the forces. Shortly after the ruling, 70-year-old Mariko, the father to the deceased asked government to compensate him for the death of his son, saying he was the sole bread winner.