The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has warned all owners of structures and other property within the road reserve of the old Entebbe road to start vacating before the demolition exercise commences.

UNRA is set to start demolishing illegal buildings, kiosks and other structures constructed in road reserves in an effort to pave way for the future expansion of Entebbe Road.

The roads authority’s head of enforcements, Mr John Bosco Ssejemba, yesterday said clear mark stones were erected several years ago indicating points where no further development should take place but have been violated. He said UNRA has been monitoring and updating them.

“Entebbe Road is our project. We have educated and held numerous engagements with the encroachers so we shall soon be moving into action,” Mr Ssejemba said.

He said the demolition exercise will also be extended to other major roads across the country, whose reserves have all been encroached upon.

Those to be affected fall within the 40km corridor from Clock Tower through Kibuye to Kajjansi where new Entebbe Expressway connects and from Kajjansi towards Entebbe airport.

According to a statement from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), all existing structures within the road reserves are to be demolished in case encroachers fail to heed UNRA’s call to vacate.
According to the statement, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has finalized plans to clear illegal structures and markets located on their reserves along national roads.

The clean-up exercise will be an ongoing exercise meant to protect the national road asset.

This exercise will commence with Kampala-Entebbe road and will later be extended to other roads which include Kampala-Jinja road, Kampala-Masaka road, Kampala-Mityana road, Kampala-Hoima road and Kampala-Bombo road, UNRA said in a press statement signed by Executive Director Allen Kagina.

The statement released on Monday said that UNRA has, through inspection, established that many individuals have encroached on the national road reserves, an act that contravenes the law.

“In some instances the encroachment has been extended to the walkways, road shoulders and the road carriageway itself thereby posing danger to roads users especially, pedestrians. This act also hinders the smooth flow of traffic hence creating the traffic congestion as we now see on many roads radiating from the city centre,” Kagina said.

“In order to protect the National Road asset, UNRA will in accordance with Section 5 of the Roads Act, Cap 358 of the Laws of Uganda shortly commence eviction of all illegal markets and other unauthorized activities taking place within the road reserves along National Roads.”