By Kiyimba Bruno
Uganda is in a bid to clear a heavy debt as demanded by international body. This has been witnessed as uganda nolonger plays any official international game ever simce the past seven years when they participated ni the Davis cup open.
Friday night challenge comes as one of the key solutions to the grievance.
Uganda’s seed one Duncun Mugabe innovated the idea where he puts up a chalelenge every last Friday of the month.
Duncun last mont managed to winkenyas kibeth wit a 6:2,6:3,6:1
This on 28th, Uganda’s Haguma Boris shalplay Sweden’s Briani, Canada’s based Lynn Luggya shall play British Claude and the big battle between Uganda’s number two David Oringa Rwanda’s Habyambere.
Currently Cancun is in nigeria on a trip to look for money to runnthe show. In his words Mugabe said “Iam happy be part of the team that’s bringing the glory of tennis back”.