Brig Sam Okiding has handed over office to Brig kayanja Muhanga in Somalia

Officiating at the handover of the contingent commander in Somalia, Gen Katumba Wamala has urged for a speedy  Somali security sector reforms which are in line with AMISOMs revised Concept of Operations CONOPs and its exit strategy. He said this should be  aimed at building the capacity of Somali National Security Forces to take over the security of the country, when AMISOM troops begin drawing down in 2018.

While meeting senior official from Somalia in capital Mogadishu, Katumba said that National issues, security transformation must be top on the agenda.

The Somali security sector reforms is an its exit strategy aimed at building the capacity of Somali Forces to take over security, when AMISOM troops begin drawing down in 2018.

Lt. Gen. Osman Noor Soubagleh, the AMISOM Force Commander told Gen Katumba that AMISOM troops continue to jointly conduct offensive and defensive operations aimed at improving the security situation in Somalia.

Recently,  the last flight of the new troops (Battle Group XX) from Entebbe arrived in Mogadishu with one hundred and forty nine troops on board and took back an equivalent number, marking the end of a three-week long rotation exercise.

Before his departure, Battle Group XVII Commander, Col Bob Ogiki handed over the area of operation to Col. Bernard Tuhame, the commander of the new force, Battle Group twenty.

Brig. Okiding congratulated Battle Group XVII for having successfully accomplished the tasks assigned to them and applauded them for exhibiting the highest level of discipline during their tour of duty in Somalia.

He urged the in-coming battle group commander, Col. Tuhame, to ensure force protection, listen to orders and maintain discipline of his troops.

Battle group XX has taken over areas of Barawe in lower Shabelle Region in Somalia and its surroundings.

It forms part of the Uganda contingent in Somalia which take charge of sector one.

The Sector comprises of Lower Shabelle and Banadir regions of Somalia that includes Mogadishu city

The Government of Uganda Contributes over 6000 troops to AMISOM as part of its contribution to regional peace and stability in the African continent.