The Director, Interpol and International Relations Fred Yiga (AIGP) has on Thursday morning handed over a motor vehicle that was stolen from Kenya last month.


Mitsubishi Fuso, registration number KBE 100P was stolen from neighboring Kenya and recovered by the Uganda Police Directorate of Interpol and International Relations.


Fred Yiga explained that, “We received information of theft of the car from our Interpol counterparts in Kenya on 18th July and we alerted our security which led to recovery of this car one day after it was stolen”

He revealed that the recovery was possible after three male Kenyan suspects were intercepted at Agago detach in Nwoya District.
He further explained that vehicles stolen from Kenya enter Uganda through Malaba and Busia borders with intentions of transiting to the neighboring countries.

Yiga said the recovery of the said vehicle has availed the Uganda Police with vital information on the modus operandi of how thefts are organized and executed by rackets which the Police shall utilize positively to fight transitional crimes.


“after entry into Uganda, stolen salon cars are parked at hospitals to avoid suspicion whereas big trucks are packed at public parking yards and garages at the Uganda-Kenya border before heading to the intended destinations” Yiga noted.


Patrick Manyao, the Chief Inspector of Interpol, Kenya commended the Uganda Police for quick response that led to recovery of the car and promised proper coordination with Uganda Police to fight against transitional theft of cars