A UPDF training team has been deployed in Equatorial Guinea under Lt. Col. W. Keita after an agreement was signed

The deployment is another show of the UPDF professionalism.  In Equatorial Guinea, UPDF is to support the capacity building of an army of a brotherly country.

The team dubbed Uganda Military Training and Mentoring Team (UMTMT) is deployed under section 40 of the UPDF Act.

A status of Forces Agreement has been concluded to cover the legal requirement for such deployment.

Brig. Richard Karemire, Uganda’s military spokesperson, said in a telephone interview that the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) training and mentoring team will help in training, equipping and building capacity in a bid for the country to have a professional army.

The group under the leadership of Lt. Col. Wycliff Keita will be in the west African country for one year under a bilateral agreement and a Pan Africanism cause.

“It’s true we have sent our troops in line with section 40 of the UPDF and Pan African goals in helping, supporting and building capacity of each army,” said Karemire.

Uganda has been helping in building the capacities, equipping and training of regional armies and police force.

The Ugandan military helped train and build capacity of the Somalia soldiers in its bid to help pacify and stabilize the volatile Horn of African country.

The Uganda Police Force is currently training over 100 police officers from Somalia and South Sudan at its training School in Kabalye in midwestern Ugand

We wish the trainers the best of luck and to hold the Uganda flag very high as UPDF has always done in other missions abroad.