By Kiyimba Bruno

At the launch of the world animal protection, Dr Victor Ayamus reminded Ugandans how important animal welfare is. He adds that animals too have their rights which most Africans have continuously turned down.

“In wild life trade like poaching in Kenya which still has questions, there are many animals which have been denied their rights . Some animals get diseases but instead of treating them, many people instead just end up killing them.

He adds that there are many loopholes in the Ugandans 1952 act law on animals which needs to be improved.

Bethi Njeri Murethi, the public relations officer of the world animal protection says that they are expecting a bigger launch to educate Ugandans on the need to save animals. She says that this is going to be a big opportunity to Ugandans so that they can know where they went wrong and right. She also requested them to give them a good welcome in this drive so as to come up with better results.