By Kiyimba Bruno

The Uganda Cranes enroute to Libreville from Oyem before they head to Entebbe via Addis Ababa as some others fail to make it.

After a heavy blow of the African Cup of Nations to Uganda by its fellow participants, the Uganda Cranes are enrouting to Libreville from Oyem before they head to Entebbe via Addis.

However, many are grieved as they luck what to eat in Gabon due to the increasing costs of living in the country.


Airtel being the main sponsor of the cranes sponsored some Ugandans with tickets to go and watch the AFCON but what is surprising is that the standards of living in the towns where they went were higher than what was expected.


Some of those who moved on their own behalf were seen not even able to pay a ticket to watch the last game of the cranes against Mali. These were seen on streets watching the game from screens.

Those who managed to watch at least a game and realized that things would be tougher managed to escape the trend by boarding back to Uganda immediately after the first game of the cranes.

Cranes that drew last night with a 1 on 1 goal against Mali finished their drive with only one point in AFCON.


Some of Ugandans funs are so proud of Faruku Miya. In fact they call him Uganda’s hero.

“Uganda got Miya as a gift. He scored the goal that drove the nation to the long lasted cup and is also the one who closed the chapter by scoring against Mali” Says Julius Mugarura, a fun to the Uganda cranes.

Uganda cranes are expected this afternoon to land on the soils of the country and many Ugandans are eagerly waiting for the cranes at Entebbe airport.