Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in collaboration with National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and the Environmental Protection Police, have launched an anti-illegal broadcasting operation dubbed Bizindaalo Operation.

The initial operation kicked off in Makindye Division and along Entebbe road where most of the bizindalo where pulled down from their towers.

This comes days after Communication Commission officially passed the law  banning the outdoor broadcasting services in Uganda after releasing that these village outdoor broadcasting services/radio make a lot of money but  don’t pay taxes.

UCC also has realized that these `Binzindalo` at times reveal wrong information in society.

These have been public/community radios in most towns of Uganda where news, announcements and public information is broadcast. Some of these community radios (bizindalo) belong to church, market vendors or members of the community. Now the Uganda Communication Commission has come up to close them, citing regulations that require them to get licences. Do you think these public radios have been useful? If yes, do you think they will afford licensing regulations and how