By Kiyimba Bruno

The need for the equator tourism expo goes in high gears day by day. Many people are just eager to see physically what this whole event shall bring to the world as well as Uganda at large.

According to the public relations manager of Think Tank target, Mr. Sekabira Andrew, every thing is set and they are too proud for the love and support that Ugandans are putting in.

“We are so happy for the Uganda’s love for their country. This is the time for us to realize the gold we have in our nation” says Mr. Sekabira.

He adds that they, together with Owekitibwa Florence Bagunywa Nkalubo this weekend had a visit at the equator site where the expo is going to take place and they felt that everything is under control.

“The people of Kayabwe were asking us about when we are to start off. They are eager to utilize this period as a good move for making money” adds Sekabira.

Among the activities are entertainment from the top Ugandan artist as well as cultural dancers, nyamachoma, as well as mini zoo being brought closer to the people, plus many more activities.

It is on this note that he called upon all those who still want to book for space to go to think tank target Uganda to book since business is going to be massive.