When a woman knows sex is on the horizon – whether she’s ready to sleep with her new man, or her and her partner have a sex schedule – there are a specific set of things she will do to “prepare”.

1. Sort out her “down there” situation

Depending on how she likes it down there, if a woman knows she’s going to get laid, she will tidy it or let it roam free according to her preference.

2. Make sure she’s wearing her sexiest lingerie

Because no one wants to be greeted with our designated period undies when they roll off our tights. Also, this makes her feel sexy and more confident in the bedroom.

3. Stash some condoms in our handbag

If the sex is with a date or she’s going around to her partner’s house we’ll make sure to take some condoms with her just incase. Because, you know, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Freak out a little

Especially if the relationship is still new and you haven’t had sex for a while. Will you still remember how it works? What if we’re not sexually compatible? These are the kind of things that run through our heads.