Critics of the lifting of the presidential age limit argue that it is meant to keep President Museveni in power. The proposal to lift age limits if backed by Parliament means that President Museveni, who is about 72, will not be eligible to stand for presidency in 2021 because he will be past the constitutional age limit.

MP Nsereko says for him, he has started yet another mobilization drive in parliament to persuade members of all parties and shades of opinion to reject the change in AGE LIMIT.
“We need 180 members of parliament to say no change to the amendment in order to rewrite the history of our motherland”, Nsereko says.
“Many plans shall be laid to derail our cause, but no amount of force shall overcome the power of an organised and committed group of people. This struggle shall not be easy I know its got thorns, vales, creepers and detractors but come what may we shall overcome to rebuild our mother land”, he adds.


Former presidential candidate Dr. Abed Bwanika has started collecting signatures from all districts of Uganda to force the Electoral Commission to organise a referendum on age limit amendment bill.


However, according the Minister Justice and Constitutional Affairs Kahinda Otafiire,”All articles of the constitution can be amended, if the people of Uganda want their constitution amended, there is NOTHING i can do about it”

Hon. Kahinda Otafiire says that the presidential age limit could be abolished which would allow the president contest again. Article 102 (b) states that a person is not qualified for election as president of Uganda if he or she is “less than thirty-five years and or more than seventy-five years of age.”

“What is so special about Article 102? Is it a commandment from God? If the public wants the age-limit amended, it will be amended. If they don’t want, we shall leave it,”

“The Constitution is not my property. I am just a custodian. If people want some articles to be amended, it is their right.”, the minister.

Different Members of Parliament have described the matter as highly sensitive adding that Ugandans should be given an opportunity to decide whether to lift or not to lift the presidential age limit. Kasambya County MP Gaffa Mbwatekamwa says that parliament cannot be left to solely determine the path for Uganda, hence this petition