Presiding over the International Youth Day celebrations at Bubukwanga Primary School Grounds, this is what president Museveni said;

I thank the organisers for choosing Bundibugyo because this gives the youth, especially those from Kampala, opportunity to see the countryside and developments here.

For example you should have noticed you travelled on good tarmac roads with the section between Mubende and Fort Portal under reconstruction, and that there is electricity up to the Congo border.

I urge youth leaders to acquaint themselves with the government budgeting process because through it we are able to put more money in roads and electricity.

We now spend more that Shs3,000 on roads and I can confidently say that we have achieved minimum economic recovery.

The government is collecting more revenue now than before but there is need to budget properly.

The youth should use their numbers to pressurize and engage their MPs to budget properly and prioritize three areas; peace, jobs creation and infrastructure.

Bundibugyo, for example is a big producer of cocoa, which had been abandoned due to insecurity here. But we budgeted well and restored peace. Now, they are back to cocoa production.

There cannot be development without peace.

I thank residents of Bundibugyo for protecting the environment and challenge the youth across the country to champion environment protection.