By Namugerwa Martha

Uganda Revenue Authority has launched a debit credit payment card today at the URA headquarters in Nakawa to ease the tax payment process.

The launch has been kicked off with the URA commissioner of domestic taxes speech, Henry Saka who has said that this card is going to ease the tax payment because it’s quick, simple and easy.

“This card is going to reduce fraud and it will increase convenience.” Saka said.

He added that this new payment method offers the tax payer the ability to use any visa or master card irrespective of issuing bank to pay the taxes, to pay court bail fees and visa fees.

“This card has the ability to register a payment on URA’S portal and complete it on the bank’s portal.” Saka and dded.

Doris Akol the Executive Director of URA said that this is an addition to the existing payment methods like cash, cheques, payway, MTN mobile money and many others.

She applauded this method of payment as the first of its kind in the region.

The Key features of the platform include the ability to use a VISA or MasterCard, for tax payment irrespective of the bank of issuance and real time access to government services for example court bail, Visa fees at the airport, passports, traffic fines among others.

Reduced obstacles to compliance, improved customer experience and alleviation of unnecessary costs are the immediate benefits.

The UBA chief (partners in this initiative), Johnson Agoreyo disclosed that they have partnered with Centenary Bank to ensure that the service is made available countrywide.

The financial institution, he added, is intent on providing solutions to challenges in Africa.

According to VISA Incorporated Manager Sub-Saharan Africa, Victor Ndlovu, this payment option deters fraud.

The teams from UBA Bank, URA and Tata Consultancy Services who have contributed profoundly to the creation of this payment platform have been recognized at the launch.