By Kiyimba Bruno


Uganda swimmers are all set for the Go seals invitational swimming gala which is due to take place this weekend.

The tournament is stated to be at Kampala International school ,the home of G Seals swimming club.

Among the teams that are keenly looked at are Go Seals, Supra,Altona,MUK sharks,KIU,silver fin. As well as more than five teams from abroad.

Isma Serunjogi, one of the swimmers says that he is very ready for the tournament and feet to win.

The tournament shall be categorized from the early age of five up to above 18 years of age where each athlete shall swim I his or her own age bracket.

Among the hot styles to be watched are breast stroke, free style, back stroke as well as many more.

Entrance for the spectators is set at a fee of UGX 5000 each day you come to watch.