President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has given new instructions to the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) on the registration of the simcards, We have reliably been informed.

Security sources revealed to us that after Magara’s death President Museveni met experts and discussed the new measures on how to control phone communications in the country.

Sources added that experts told Museveni that if security is to monitor all phone communications, telecommunication companies need to install Biometric system in order to read Citizens Biometric system at National Identification and Registration Authority (NIIRA).

“If UCC was using Biometric system, security would have tapped and arrested Magara killers because they were communicating on phone,” a source noted.

If some countries like Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa have successfully used Biometric system to monitor phones why can’t it happen here in Uganda, “A source quoted Museveni as telling UCC boss Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi.

However, our sources from UCC revealed to us that simcards registration process will take little bit longer because the institution has no money to procure an expert to develop the system

“UCC needs more than shs 10bn to procure and install this new system which is so costly,” said an insider from UCC adding that at the moment the commission is struggling with finances.

“What I can confirm to you is that at the moment UCC has no money to buy this machine to help in simcards registration,” added a source adding that the program development needs shs 3.5bn.

“We talked to government about the money but the reply we got is that we should find means and look for the money and inject it in the project”.

When contacted Pamela Ankunda the UCC spokesperson confirmed the President Museveni directives.

“It is true after the death of Magara, President Museveni directed all telecom companies to halt simcards registration until biometric system is installed.

“UCC has directed all telecommunication companies install biometric system to start registering simcards,” said Pamela adding any telecommunication company that registers simcards without following the procedure will be doing it illegally and security will take them on.

Airtel under Probe

Meanwhile we have also been informed by security sources that President Museveni has directed UCC and police to investigate Airtel on illegal simcards registration.

It is reported that Airtel is silently registering and replacing new simcards to members of public.

“We are silently following up Airtel on information that they are carrying out illegal simcards registration. We have set up our traps at different selling points and once we get them that will be enough evidence penalize them or even close them because they are defying the president’s directives”.