By Ben Magezi

Recently, a video went viral on social media showing the Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga meeting with City Lawyer David Mpanga to plan on how to convict Uganda’s richest man (Sudhir) in the public eye by publishing baseless, damaging, unfounded, tarnishing and defamatory stories in the New Vision.

Their plan came to pass a day later in Sunday Vision when a series of baseless stories started running for over a week! Unfortunately, they were so blind to see and realize that each defamatory story aimed at tarnishing Sudhir’s name was a direct exposure on BoU Uganda’s part that the institution ‘slept on job’ and failed to execute its mandate!


To worsen everything, the BoU PR department (if it exists) failed to realize that a direct an attack to Sudhir and the defunct Crane Bank was a direct attack to BoU!!


The alleged video with a Jose Chameleon Bayuda Tuyitanabo song as a sound track shows Mr. Robert Kabushenga in a series of meetings at one of the expensive hotels with the bank of Uganda lawyers currently at cross roads with his best friend city mogul Sudir Ruparelia.


According to the alleged CCTV Camera footage, one will wonder how and why the duo had to meet in a secret hideout a few days before unique stories attacking Sudir started running in New Vision and Bukedde News Papers publications supervised by Mr. Kabushenga.


As to why they duo had to meet meet before stories started running is the question of the day! And if stories are fair, why are they only published in Media houses supervised by Kabusheng?

Ironically, the building where the two met belongs to Timothy K. Masembe the Managing Partner of MMAKS advocates who is Sudhir’s former and now hired alongside Mpanga to handle the multi billion legal battle between BoU and Sudhir.


Sudhir exposed Kabushenga and company that he is a step ahead by managing to get hold of a video footage to show the world that the stories that ran in New Vision were planned! The New Vision today ran a story of the leaked video but surprisingly did not mention the individuals in the video. The mere fact that he can afford to access the footage of your secret meeting is enough to show that he is steps ahead of you and we wait to see the legal battle!


In fact, because of the stories that ran aiming at tarnishing Sudhir’s name and public image made the public lose credibility in the paper because it had turned into a tabloid of sorts rather than a purported national paper.


This day and era of social media, no media house can boast of being a monopoly of information because people can access information anywhere at any given time.


If indeed Kabushenga and Mpanga had met to have a cup of tea together what then pushed them to pursue the arrest of the two employees of Silk Liquid that reportedly leaked the video? If they were not doing anything funny then why do they pursue the people they purport to have leaked the video?


Sudhir has beaten the two men at their game by exposing them!