Kampala Parents School (KPS) proprietor, Sudhir Ruparelia, has held an open forum meeting with parents who have their kids st the school.

Speaking at the meeting, Sudhir told parents that the school will not be affected by the financial issues currently facing his businesses and therefore they need not be worried.

“This is an institution and it runs independently. It will go on for many years to come; parents should not be alarmed,” he said.
Criticising social media, Mr Ruparelia said “Social media doesn’t run the school. The management does. You should stop listening and fuelling the rumours.”

However what was a peaceful meeting turned chaotic when Ruparelia tried to shut down a parent who was commenting on the poor performance of the school and low teacher motivation.
“I will not have this,” Ruparelia replied angrily, interrupting a parent who asked for answers on media reports of poor teacher handling and performance. Parents shouted and started walking out of the main hall demanding that the businessman respects them.
“This is the attitude we must address. We are all stakeholders. We have to tolerate each other, not be rude and disrespectful. We do our part, listen to our issues,” a parent insisted.

It was only when Ruparelia apologised to parents that the meeting calmed down. The pending issues were then discussed in a more amicable manner. Among those addressed were improvement of grades, teacher motivation, parent involvement in the school administration and work overload.
This is the first time in a long time that the owner has agreed to meet parents, who were happy that he had taken the time to listen to their complaints.
He promised that he will meet them at least once a year. KPS currently charges school fees ranging from Shs1.5m to Shs1.7m per term.