Areas around Kanyanya  in Kampala Uganda have experienced an ice freeze of work as workers striked against the Chinese railway company for not paying them.

According to the workers, the bosses do not pay them and on top they do not respect them as employees who have a future to live.

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By 8:am, the gates were closed and workers were seen shouting that they were not ready to go back to work unless they have been paid, increased their salaries, changed the method of issuing contracts as well as changing the current human resource managers of the place.

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These were rescued by the Lord Mayor of Kampala Erias Lukwago who together with the mayors of the area and councilors like Segirinya Mohammed among many more who came and listened to the grieved and then later went ahead to meet the Chinese.

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By the time they met with the Chinese, there was already an on going meeting whose minutes were read to the lord mayor.

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Among the key issues that were aired was mistreatment of workers, forcing workers to sign new contracts as well as the brutality of the human resource manager of the area.

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It was realized that the company did not have standard mode of payment to the workers where some were paid cash as others through banks. It was not only this but also the amount of payment was not equal yet levels of education were similar.

It is from this meeting that they agreed to observe the laws and standards of  payments, safety of workers where they were being denied a day of rest, getting a human resource manager who understands the language of the people and does not mistreat but uses law as it is.

It is through this meeting that the employees agreed in the midst of the lord mayor to resolve the issues in two days and give a positive report. This meant that the workers were to stay home  for two days then come back to check on what would have been reached upon.

How ever when we met the workers, many of them had bruises allover their bodies.

The workers are about 400 in total and among these only 2 were not paid through the bank system .