A lot of people want to fall in love, however only few of them them remain in love.
Divorce rate is on the rise just because couples don’t know how to stay married. But then the beauty of marriage isn’t just about getting married but staying married and staying married successfully.

This is how you stay married successfully:

1. Put your partner first; you have a new family now and your partner comes first before your old family.

2. Learn to be more tolerable. For two people to come together, tolerance must exist, else there’ll be constant clashes.

3. Always have a place for forgiveness in your heart.

4. Be open to communication and be a listener.

5. Spend time together; build a bond, friendship and togetherness.

6. Be appreciative. Appreciate every single thing your partner does, no matter how little. The power of appreciation shouldn’t be taken for granted; it’ll give your partner the push to do more.

7. Do something everyday no matter how little to show your partner that you care.

8. Be consistent. Consistency is very important. Love is being consistent; for you to show that you truly love someone, you ought to be consistent.

9. Look within and try to improve on your flaws every day.

10. Understand the flaws and weakness of your partner and try not to use your partner’s flaws against them.