By Agencies

South Africa’s law-enforcement agencies have been ordered to investigate allegations that Zimbabwe’s First Lady Grace Mugabe assaulted a woman at a hotel in Johannesburg’s Sandton suburb, the police minister of South Africa’s Gauteng province has said that Grace Mugabe is alleged to have hit the woman with an extension cord.

Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane said that people of Mrs Mugabe’s calibre were supposed to lead an exemplary life, and she wanted to “ensure that justice is served”.

In a statement, her office said:

According to reports, Grace attacked the woman with an extension cord after finding her with her two sons. The woman suffered head injuries and bruises on her body. Grace came to South Africa to seek medical attention.”

The statement quoted Ms Nkosi-Malobane as saying:

“I am deeply appalled and devastated by the allegations of assault on a young woman by Grace Mugabe. It is worrying especially since the assault happened during the month when we commemorate women for their role in the liberation struggle.

Also, it is aggravated by the fact that the [alleged] incident has been committed by someone with a high social standing in society.”

No-one has a right to abuse women irrespective of situations they find themselves in. People of Grace’s calibre was supposed to live an exemplary life and be a role model to aspiring young women.

I have instructed the Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate this case accordingly and ensure that justice is served.”

Mrs Mugabe has not yet commented.