By Namugerwa Martha

Soroti widow has appealed and urged to whoever can pass her message to justice Bamugemereirwe’s land commission of inquiry to help wipe her tears away because of the threats from the man who constructed a road in her plot therefore living in total fear.

Identified as Janet Biriwali Adeke, a prominent dealer in metal fabrication for over two decades states that her late husband Wilson Biriwali applied for the plot No. 1C, Cemetery Road on 30th October 2001 and was lately awarded the plot on 20th June 2002 where the Plot was purchased in the names of their first Son Mpuga Maurice who was still in High School at that time. After the death of her husband against maneuvers, she applied for a lease offer which was duely granted and obtained.

Adeke says that after the death of the husband, she got constrained to develop the plot for her son as she was busy clearing some loans and educating over 20 of her children and dependants.

“One morning in 2015, i woke up to the shock of my life, i woke up to the noise of a grader forcing a road through a genuinely acquired plot. Present in the site was the Head of the law enforcement in soroti municipality known as Taban and others enforcement officers,” Adeke says.

She adds that there was also a brother of the rich man famously known as ACHILA ENTERPRISE who bribed the Municipal council authority members to force a road on her plot in order to allow access to his poor planned apartments.

“We (me and my son who is now grown) had started some developments in the plot. We had materials like bricks, a foundation and aggregate stones that the grader erased and destroyed,” she adds.

However, when Adeke and her children tried to inquire on what was happening, they were threatened and the law enforcement officers were also helped by police in the nearby police station who were understandably paid allowance of 50k per day until the road to the rich man’s place was complete.

Additionally, when she approached the Municipal leadership then, His Worship Aruo Alfred was never clear on the matter and referred her to the town clerk who requested for a copies of the plot’s documents and after examining her documents and realizing that they were genuine, he also never gave a position on the matter but just instead referred her to the Municipal /district engineer as he claimed that he was new in the office and had little information about the place.