Major Muhammed Kiggundu together wit his driver Sargent  Mukasa were on Saturday 26th/November 2016 gunned to death by unknown people .

There are  many questions one could as to why, what, where, when, who, and may be how.

According to the guide research we shall tackle one by one


No one could be having a right answer towards this. But when you ask your self deeply, rushes begin developing from your skin. Then sudenly you feel cold. Major Kiggundu could have been one of the people who were going to be witnesses in the Muslim murder case that is in high court today. Currently sheik Mwanje is now under bars as a suspect. Could this answer us? Let us scratch our heads more. Why would police look on and wait for the President’s call to take the body to the motury?


What really lead to the death of the man of God who is also secured security wise at the level of a major? What was he going to do? What happened before the Major left home? What really happened to lead to his death? What means were used to kill the major? Hnmnmm so sad that the major who is entitled to move with a gun was killed using a gun. Could he have died of religion? It should be noted that it was a motor cycle chasing an army car. I still ask . what other thing happened on the same day? Four police officers were killed in Kaseese by the people of the Rwenzururu. What did the police do after finding the dead people? They looked on and waited for the President’s call. They are still investigating


Where was the major killed from? Could it have been in his car? Was it on the road side? Oh no! Where did the killers come from? Where did the killers get the guns from? I have no answer but this is Uganda.


When the major was leaving home, did he get a warning? When the killing happened, where was the majors security? All I know, the body guard was doing work that was not his. The body guard was driving the boss. But any way. Where was the Major’s driver? Hmnmnmnm


who were these people  using a motor cycle as a travel mean to reach an extent of killing a major? Who ordered them to kill? Who stopped them? Who made a loss and who gave them the guns they used to kill ? We all have one destination


How was the major killed? How many bullets were used to kill the major? Allegations say that over 30 bullets were found  surrounding the two dead bodies.

How was the scene bundled by the police? Putting in mind that the dead were a major and a Sargent,in fact they were government officials.

How were the families affected?According to his wife Maama Fiina, the Major  was that morning going to pearl of Africa radio at around 6:00am to teach Islam.

“My husband has been killed. But I shall revenge. I shall look for whoever has done so, and I shall get them.” Says Mama Fiona.

How was the community response?

“Iam so sad to see that such a person is dead. All of you who kill you shall not remain on this planet. And the law shall act on you accordingly” said one of the residents

Many people are still looking stranded  around areas of Masanafu where the killing took place.