Set on healthy eating? Then these foods are most likely on your list of the best to eat. But did you know some healthy foods can be bad for your health?


Salad dressings

Yes, most salads are extremely healthy, rich in vitamins and fiber. But one single spoon of ssaladdressing can turn them into poison. Especially if you use ready made mayonnaise and other ready made products. Such dressings can be high in sugar, artificial odorants and food coloring. So, if you are set on having a healthy salad, make it all from the scratch at home and use only organic ingredients.

Low-fat products

Scientists keep changing their mind about this product. Some still say it is good for your health, while others say it can kill you. Well, God and nature know the best. If natural foods are rich in fat, they are safer to eat than all those artificial products.

Fruit juice

vingerYes, they are great, when organic. Most of the products you buy in the store have no fruits in them. what they have is lots of sugar, paint, odorants and other “chemicals”.



Even the whole grain one. Scientists have done a “great job” at modifying genes of the wheat. It is not what it used to be and any kind of it can be damaging to one’s health.


It’s the butter of the poor! It looks pretty much as the butter does and may even smell and tpastaaste the same. But this product is made out of plants. And to add it such a look and taste it has to go through a range of processes. They make it highly unwholesome.


A diet soda

It’s a fake. Yes, it may be a bit lower in calories, but the rest of the health damaging ingredients are still there.

Vegan snacks

Banana chips and other things like that are tasty and popular, but can be bad for your body! vegeatableExtremely bad! And it does not really matter that they are the plant food things.



Organic honey gets thick in a short while. And it looks pretty unattractive to the buyers. So, they melt it to keep it glossy, liquid and nice looking. When they do, the honey produces a poison that can even kill a person. That’s why they do not advice to put this product through any kind of heat treatment.

Breakfast cereals

Yes, you guessed it. They are rich not only in minerals and vitamins, but also in food coloring, odorants, bondservants, etc. And you get this chemical cocktail for your breakfast or feed it to your kids.