By Kiyimba Bruno

Sheik Umar Kakeeto has advised Muslims not to speak or do work that is not supposed to be done by them. Speaking this, the sheik was addressing the Muslims on what he termed as brutal act by police.

The police this morning invaded the Nakasero mosque and moved away with a motor cycle, money, Muslim documents, a computer and 11 people as said by Sheik Kakeeto. He adds that many damages were caused to their offices  like the Umar house office, Dawa office,  Hijja office among others

Sheik Umar Kakeeto speaking to his fellow Moslems
Sheik Umar Kakeeto speaking to his fellow Muslims

He says that he does not agree with what the police did. “If the police wants to check on us or has some suspects among us, why do they come in the night as if we do not work during day?” asks Sheik Kakeeto.

He asked the government to return their computer and all the property that was taken.

“Islam is a religion of peace” Sheik Kakeeto adds. Therefore all Muslims are advised to stay calm and wait for the government to play its role.

Some of the Muslims who attended the meeting
Some of the Muslims who attended the meeting

This comes after the death of another Muslim Sheik Uthman Menya who died from the hospital due to the heart attack. Sheik Uthman has been the programs director of the Pearl of African radio where recently the husband of Maama Fiina ,Sheik Kiggundu used to work from. Sheik Kiggundu was gunned down to death as he was on his way to Pearl of African radio