By Kiyimba Bruno

The former president of the republic of Tanzania H.E Benjamin Mkapa has shown grief on people who shake hands with the president for material benefits.

Speaking this, H.E Benjamin Mkapa was at the launch of the Cavendish university school of law where various politicians and law activists expressed various feelings.

Prof. Oloko Joe Onyango, the professor of law Makerere University says that Uganda has never been hot like this in his life time. He adds that the reason to this is the poor implementation of laws that govern the environment .he sees term limits as the only solution to the grievances in the governance of Uganda and Africa at large. this is based on the change of attitude and respect of culture in the country.

“Iam very sure Mkapa would have wanted a third term just like Obama would have, but they opted to leave in respect of the constitution.” Adds Prof.Oloko.

Hon. Miria Matembe, the former minister of ethics and integrity was sp sad that she cried out for the murder of the 1995 constitution which took them time to amend.

She adds that everything we do is governed by law.”The law is the beginning of everything . even the bible tells” Matembe laments.

Ho. Matembe view of the law is based on the bible since all human being are a process of the creation law.

“Things shall never work out if man does not rule the world with a woman” adds Hon Matembe. She says that the bible contains all legal rules of universal application.