President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was today in Katakwi District where he spoke to the people of Toromo Constituency at Magoro center village, Magoro Primary sch, Magoro sub county.

The President was campaigning for Mr Joseph Kolou, who is the flag bearer for the NRM part in the forth coming elections.

He appealed to the people of Toromo to support the NRM because its a tried and tested party, that has a record of working to improve the livelihood of wanainch

“While some parties peddle untruth, the NRM specialises in truth and we believe in prioritisation.
We don’t just talk talk, but we know that there are clusters that spur development, for example peace, infrastructure etc and these are the ones we have been working on mainly”

“Now what is important is for you to engage in enterprises that will improve your personal income. The idea is that you must get wealth in your home, because development is for all of us, bt household income is personal.” Remarked President Museveni