President Museveni Met Lord Dolar Amarshi Popat, the UK Prime Minister’s trade envoy to Rwanda & Uganda. He was accompanied by High Commissioner, HE Peter West.

During the meeting, many issues were discussed including strategic areas of investment in Uganda and East Africa.

The president said that one of the key area suitable for UK–EA partnership is manufacture of medical drugs. “East Africa region has raw materials needed for drugs’ manufacture  and subsidized labour. It can benefit a lot from UK’s advanced technology”,President Museveni said.

The UK,  Lord Popat announced also announced a major funding package in trade to Uganda.

He said that the export credit package will provide Uganda with greater access to competitive British Government trade finance, and enable more UK investors to bring their expertise, goods and services to the country’s projects.

Lord Popat added that infrastructure is an area where UK companies are world leaders in experience and expertise and where British commercial interest is increasing.