President Museveni has today launched the Lugwere Bible at Budaka Ssaza Grounds this afternoon.

While launching the Bible, the president said he does not understand those who want to kill cultures of other people. He said that as a Bantu speaker, he enjoys hearing the different ways Bantu speak the same language but with different shades.

“For example the Banyankole, Banyoro and Batooro say “Ruhanga” to mean God. It comes from “okuhanga” (to create). Now the Bagwere approach the concept of God from clay (kubumba). It’s another way of looking at creation”.

“The Baganda use “kutonda” while the Baruuli call him “Kankya” (He who brings the morning)”.

The president added that those who don’t want people to speak their dialects are enemies of Africa. They kill our heritage.

He added that even in Luo and Ateso you will find beautiful linkages with Bantu. There is a small township not far from here called Kabwangasi. In Ateso, “abwangasi” means “I can’t keep walking”.

“So, you who are in culture should trace these linkages among our people. Some people instead engage in arrogance, saying their cultures are superior”, he said.

“I am happy with Bagwere. You have been in the resistance movement, saying our language won’t die. One such way of keeping language alive is translate the Bible. You did not stop there, you have given me “Kidero kyo Lugwere”. Dero in Luo means granary”.

He further added;

“Now, to the issues raised by the district chairman:

Loadshedding: We have enough electricity and we shall have more. I will check but the problem should be the wires. They’re old, they will be replaced.

Poor state of Mbale-Tirinyi Road: We shall take this up.

Bugwere Vocational Institute: This is a good proposal. The government will take it up.

Health Centre IV: I am glad to hear your health centre is working well. I am going to use it as a reference point. I urge leaders to teach our people hygiene and primary health care. We shall have dealt with over 70% of the medical cases we have today”.

The president contributed  Shs100 million towards the Bible project and also contributed  Shs100 million through government agencies towards completion of the town council offices.