The Democratic Party vice president Hon. Mukasa Mbidde has been arrested and whisked off to the Central Police Station.


Police officers  earlier today sealed off the Constitutional Square in Kampala, refusing anyone who wanted to access the square or use the path way nearby from doing so. The action comes as the Democratic Party leaders mobilized members to march to the square in protest of what they called tampering with Article 102 of the Constitution to allow for the lifting of the age limit.

Hon. Mbidde addressing the press before his arrest

Mbidde was holding a press conference at the Party offices on City House ahead of the march to the constitutional square where he was intercepted by police dressed in plain clothes.

This incident sparked off fist fights between DP youths and the police thus causing more arrests.

Since last week, DP has continuously issued a statements calling on members of the public to come in large numbers to show solidarity against the move to remove age limits in a campaign dubbed K’ogikwaatako (we dare you to touch it).

Police arresting Mbidde on his way to the Constitutional Square

Police also surrounded DP headquarters a few meters away from the Constitutional Square, where the party vice president, Mukasa Mbidde was holding a press conference ahead of the march. Mbidde was later arrested and  taken to Central Police Station, leading to fights between DP youths and the police.

Last evening DP issued a statement calling on members of the public to come in large numbers to show solidarity against the move to remove presidential  age limit.