A recent study unveiled a shocking link between foot size and adultery, finding that the bigger the shoe the higher the chance of him sleeping around.

You might not think that a man’s shoe size has anything to do with his sex life, but apparently guys with big feet are more likely to cheat.

Men with a shoe size of 10 or over are at least twice as likely to cheat on their partner, compared to those with a shoe size of less than 10.

The most common shoe size for adulterous men was 10.5 while the most faithful men sport feet between the sizes of 7 and 9.

Meanwhile another worryingly new research has revealed the point when cheaters are most likely to stray in a marriage – and it isn’t good news for newlyweds.

According to a study by extra-marital dating site Saphrina, two thirds of adulterers are more likely to have an affair within the first five years of marriage.

The infidelity website quizzed more than 300 of its British members about their sneaky habits.

It turns out that 27% of love rats had only been married for one to two years, while 36% had been betrothed for between three and five.

“The first five years of marriage is the most difficult”
Saphrina spokesperson
Researchers also looked into peoples’ reasons for indulging in an extra-marital affair.

An unsatisfactory sex life came out on top, with 27% of members divulging that this was their reason for having an affair.

And 14% revealed that a high libido was the most likely reason to make them stray, followed by feeling turned off by their spouse (9%) and to satisfy a fetish (9%).

A Saphrina spokesperson said: “We’re seeing more and more people indulging in extramarital activity and open relationships.

“For many couples, the first five years of marriage is the most difficult and with marital sex becoming monotonous, the spark can easily die out and cause them to stray.

“This is becoming more apparent amongst younger couples who are seemingly just settling into their married lives.”