Members of Parliament are pushing for stern disciplinary measures against ministers who persistently dodge plenary.

The proposal stems from complaints by parliament over the deliberate absence of ministers from plenary when issues under their docket come up for discussion.

During the plenary on Tuesday evening, Opposition Chief Whip, Cecilia Ogwal noted that despite the fact that Parliament approved the increment of cabinet and state ministers from 42 to 80, their performance is wanting and should be looked into urgently.

The one-hour debate, which was attended by less than ten ministers, attracted wide condemnation across the political divide, including the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga.

She lamented that the ministers have failed to table bills and motions in the House, which has affected business.

Parliament is expected to break off for its first recess from October 6 to November 14.

On her part, the Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa disclosed that in spite of several warnings to minister, their chronic absence has remained persistent.

She demanded that Parliament comes up with sanctions.

The Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga promised to read out the list of absentee ministers when the House resumes on Tuesday next week.