Parliament today was shocked when Ms Mariam Naigaga, the Woman Representative for Namutumba District read to them the abuses minister Namuganza sent to her.

Naigaga had appeared before the Rules committee of parliament that is carrying out investigations into the bickering between minister Namuganza and the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga to give her testimony as a witness to what took place in Bukono during the Kyabazinga celebrations, Naigaga informed the committee that Namuganza insulted a number of people who were not even part of the function.

“She went ahead to send us information in our inboxes, I can read to you one of the messages she sent me immediately after the function had ended,” Naigaga said.

Before reading the message, she was advised by the chairperson of the committee Obote Ongal Clement (Kalachi county), to read it verbatim and then later electronically lay it on table by forwarding it to the committee clerk.

Naigaga read the message Namuganza sent that said: “You lumpen, know your levels, that’s why you go on conning people’s money, try to go back to Bukono and talk about me, if your HIV has made you mad better get right medicine because it seems you are taking a wrong type. I’m told you are even sleeping with young men, you even slept with your uncle ‘kisilaani gwe’ (you curse) with your broken English.”

After reading the message, Naigaga informed the committee that she can even get a printout from airtel and forward it to the clerk just to confirm that what she read was not forged.

This left all MPs wondering why Namuganza could send such an abusive message to a fellow lady. One MP even asked the chairperson of the committee whether they were proceeding in the right direction.

However, the chairperson stressed that since the committee is mandated to establish the fact of what’s going on between the minister and the speaker, they were on the right track.

“If the committee entrusts itself in establishing pattern of conduct, that can help us draw a line of conclusion on which member did what. And if they did that, was it a reaction in anger or is it part of the normal behaviour of that member?” Obote Ongal said.

Naigaga later warned that Namuganza’s life is in danger and should be accorded more protection.

“There is no clear reason that the Princess Persis Namuganza can give to justify her insult to the Kyabazinga of Busoga. I want to thank the security agencies of this country for having come in to action to take charge of Hon. Namuganza’s security, however, I request that they add her the anti-riot police because I can confirm that indeed her life is in danger from the Basoga who pay respect to the Kyabazinga.”

Hon. Francis Mukula defended minister Namuganza saying that she is a first timer in parliament and it’s not surprising that she behaves in such a manner, he argued that her conduct will change with time.

He further went on to advise the committee to withdraw from carrying out investigations between the speaker and the minister since the matter is being handled by the president.