The much-anticipated presentation of a private members bill to amend the presidential age limit has been postponed.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah has adjourned Parliament business till next Tuesday when the bill seeking to amend Article 102 (b) is expected to be tabled.

Oulanyah told a highly charged House that said the bill will be handled by the respective organs and will be brought back to Parliament at an appropriate time.

The Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, who is presiding over the on-going sitting, says he and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga conferred but decided that they needed more time to understand the two notices of motion and other notices.

Ms Kadaga returned from an overseas trip on Wednesday, ahead of what was expected to be a crucial debate on Thursday on a plan to scrap the presidential age limit.

He added that there are two main challenges in the House, which he identified as MPs not willing to sit and the Speaker not willing to chair the MPs who are not willing to sit.

NRM legislators led by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi had plotted to table a motion today to pave way for the amendment of article 102 (b) of the constitution, which caps the presidential age at 75.

The move would lift the last hurdle for President Yoweri Museveni to seek re-election when his term of office expires in 2021. Under the current provision, President Museveni who was born in 1944 would not be eligible to contest for the presidency after more than 30 years in power.

In anticipation of the move, almost all legislators turned up for the sitting unusually filling the house to capacity. Nakawa Division MP Micheal Kabaziguruka, who has been bedridden after a nasty accident a few months ago, equally showed up in an ambulance and was supported into the chambers to attend what had been dubbed as a historical sitting.

However, the item is missing on the order paper hitting a blow to proponents of the amendment. According to the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, He had a meeting with the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and decided that they needed more time to understand the motion.

Oulanyah says they couldn’t allow a matter for debate in Parliament to be sneaked outside the specified procedures adding that at an appropriate time MPs will be informed in time to allow them to fully prepare and debate.

Earlier, Hon Odonga Otto had raised a motion requesting the House to send Hon Evelyn Anita to the disciplinary committee for displaying the list of the committee sittings to the press as the list of MPs supporting the motion, something that has caused public hatred for the members.

He requested that Anite apologises to the Houses and be suspended for eight years from Parliament, a suggestion that was rejected on grounds that the House had less than four years left and had no power to suspend for eight years. He advised that the motion be brought back in the appropriate format.