By Kiyimba Bruno

Shaboo quality giants limited, sellers of Bags in Nakasero Kampala have predicted a huge rise in the prices of bags .

According to Mr Kyobe Mohamed, bags have risen since last year April and he is still expecting then to go higher.

Today,laptop bags range between UGX50,000 and UGX80,000 a price that has gone high from the former UGX45,000.

School bags  are sold at a price that range between UGX 30,000 and UGX 40,000 as suit cases that students can use while going to school gone between UGX 100,000 and UGX150,000

Mr.Kyobe has advised parents to buy bags that will last for their kids. He said bags like OMAYA for school are so good as well as the BUSINESS KING for the laptop bags

He has also given advice to parents not to look at how expensive a bag is but only look at how strong a bag might be.