By Kiyimba Bruno

Today the traffic police of Kabalagala police station has grabbed over 50 boda boda motor cycles on the road at the Ggba junction around sharing hall Nsambya.

According to the culprits they say that their bikes are grabbed at such a bad state when every one is broke. They say that they are not against what the government does but are mostly concerned about the breakdown drivers who just park their bikes in such a bad state and end up damaging most of them. They say that on release the money that the break down owners want is too much and are wondering if it is them to pay for the transport of taking their bikes to the police cells.

Musa, one of the Bajaj bike owner who was this morning grabbed says that the break down owners are just doing business out of them after conying with the police.. it is on this not that he requested afande kayihura to clarify on the matter.

The officer in charge of traffic at Kabalagala police station Afande Apollo Sirvasco says that he is very happy that many boda bobdas are now complying with what the government wants.

He adds that the numbers of bodaboda got are reducing day by day as well as the cases accorded to them.

He adds that many have got the driving permits but only luck the third party though he says that it is very hard now to find a rider without a helmet in Kampala.

Afande Apollo says that all they want is to reduce on the number of road accidents in the country.