By Kiyimba Bruno

The headmaster of Rwizi secondary school Kabarole Mr. Atuhaire Trophy has showed his happiness s and given reasons as to why their students managed to pass.

He says that their achievement this year are due to a number of factors among which, some are a result of contribution of their parents towards the well being of the children at school.

Mr. Atuhaire says that all parents in his school provide for lunch as well as contributing to buying of sanitary towels to the girl child.

He adds that out of the 36 teachers that they have, 21 are paid off by government as the remaining 15 being paid from the little income that is earned by the school.

It is on this note that he advised head teachers to take an extra mile towards the improvement of their students performance in the school.

Rwizi s.s managed to have a total of 114 students whop sat for U.C.E and out of these 6 students managed to make it to division one as 21 went top division two.