By Kiyimba Bruno

The woman Member of Parliament for Kaliro District Margret Mbeiza has urged the members of the opposition government to look for peaceful means of talking to their youths of joining the NRM government instead of the endless demonstrations.

Speaking this, Mbeiza was giving her opening remarks in the joint workshop organized by civil societies that fight for human rights under the umbrella of International Development Research Center together with Genocide and Atrocity prevention support through governance peace and security at hotel Africana Kampala to interact with various youths around the country about the causes of riots.

“You members of the opposition should talk to your youths to stop spoiling people’s property just because of demonstrations. It things have failed, why don’t you join the rulling party?” Asked Mbeiza.

She went ahead to say that however much opposition does not believe in President Museveni, he is a man who was elected by the people who trust in him.

“Actually instead of fighting president Museveni and you feel like not joining, you leave him to finish his term. Five years are very few and if you are actually strong, which I don’t believe, you will get into power” Noted Mbeiza.

Makerere University in known to have the highest number of students who spoil people’s property when they begin a riot. On the day of the riots, normally 90% of the shops around the university close due to fear of making losses. However the few that are found open, suffer on behalf of the rest.