The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) deputy Secretary General, Mr Richard Todwong has been flown to International Hospitals Kampala after  after shooting himself in the leg on Saturday in Gulu.

Captain Santos Okot Lapolo, Gulu resident district commissioner says that there was no assignation attempt as alleged. It was an accident with his personal weapon. For details of what, when and how, ask your other sources, he said adding that the matter has not been reported to Police.

It is said that Mr Tadwong was on his way to Gulu to check on his wife who had given birth when the incident happened.

When asked, Thomas , Todwong’s brother, Mr said Twodwong was on his way that when he found people gathered at an accident scene at Too pelwo, a few kilometres from Karuma.

He explained that a motorist who was driving ahead of Todwong had knocked a pedestrian dead “and as the motorist tried to get away, Mr Todwong gave chase.”
Mr Todwong reportedly got out of his car, drew his gun and shot in the air.

“Then the shell of his own bullet bounced back and hit his leg. He was then driven to Gulu Independent Hospital and the wound was dressed. He is not in bad shape and should be driving back to Kampala,” said Lapyem.

We have also talked to other external sources who preferred to remain anonymous and have been able to tell us what really transpired in the whole incident.

According to the source,this is what they said;  “Todwong was on his way to Gulu last evening, when he reached Bweyale, next to Karuma, a vehucle ahead of him knocked dead someone and sped off.

Todwong told his driver to speed up so that they can catchup with the vehicle ahead so as to stop the suspect but instead the criminal just continued speeding.

In the due course, Todwong pulled out his gun and shot some bullets in the air to scare the suspect as well to slow him but to no avail.

“Unfortunately a bullet shell from the gun returned with heavy pressure and hit his leg creating a wound,”.

“He was taken to Gulu Independent hospital to nurse the wound and he is on his way to Kampala,” source added.

Report from Gulu Independent Hospital where he was treated shows that the secretary-general was admitted in the VVIP Ward at 9:47pm on Saturday with a gunshot wound after being referred from Family Health Care in Kiryandongo District. .