The Chairman of Parliament’s Presidential Affairs Committee has condemned opposition politicians and activists for trying to stifle the debate on the proposal to remove the presidential age limit from the constitution.


Fred Mwesigye, who is one of the 1986 bush war fighters, made the remarks while speaking at a meeting organised by group of NRM members to discuss amending  the famous Article 102 of the constitution.


The group, composed mainly of NRM mobilisers and political activists, was particularly concerned about the threats and caustic remarks that have been made against MPs and other Ugandans who support the constitutional amendment that would, for all intents and purposes, hand President Yoweri Museveni a life presidency.


The debate on the removal of the presidential age limit in the constitution is showing no signs of letting up despite Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana stating that government has not formally presented such a proposal in any forum. Different groups, especially those against the removal of age limits, have started campaigns to mobilise public support. Some of these campaigners have gone as far as calling on the pubic to harass MPs who show an inclination towards supporting the amendment.


Mwesigye, who is the MP for Nyabushozi county, says he supports the proposal and hinted on it being formally introduced later on. He added that there was no harm in having members of the  public debate the matter and it was wrong for those who supported removal of age limit to be threatened.


Senior opposition figures and civil society activists have criticised the proposal constitutional amendment with some even threatening to politically harm its proponents.


The controversy on the age limit comes at a time when religious leaders and senior citizens are calling for a national dialogue to discuss the transition of power from President Museveni to the next leader.